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Strength and Conditioning

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Strength and conditioning can be accomplished in many different settings. The most common perception of S&C is in a large group setting at either a high school or college with several trainers working with athletes. However, Elite Fitness offers our S&C program and/or our speed and agility programs at any of our locations for one on one training or in small group training! CLICK HERE to view pricing options, or keep reading for reasons why these programs are important and what kind of services we can offer you or your child! Contact any of our trainers HERE to see what they have to offer! 

The importance of Strength and Conditioning
  • Strengthen major muscle groups

  • Strengthen supporting muscles

  • Address and correct muscle imbalances

  • Learn proper muscle activation

  • Increase flexibility and mobility

  • Enhance coordination

  • Stabilize joints to aid in the prevention of injuries

Elite Fitness s&C services available
  • Baseline speed and agility testing

  • Max-outs with form training

  • Form training for athletes

  • Form training for coaches

  • Sport specific programming

  • Program execution and weight room monitoring

Why elite fitness?

Elite Fitness has a wide variety of professionals to fit your every need. We have strength and conditioning specialists, personal trainers, physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, athletic trainers, former collegiate athletes, and current high school coaches on staff and available to help make your athletes the best that they can be.

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